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Autodrop has been marketing funny, surprising but above all tasty sweets for almost 60 years. At online candy wholesaler you will find a wide range of Autodrop. Which is your favorite Autodrop? The familiar tasty Cadillacs? The surprising combinations of Autodrop double decker buses? Or the taste chaos of Auto drop total loss? Whichever it is, for Autodrop applies: the crazier the candy, the tastier.

Autodrop bulk packaging

We have the Autodrop bulk packaging in our range for the big snackers. At online candy wholesaler you can buy cheap Autodrop bulk packs per box with 4 bags of 1 kilo. Place a nice bowl of Autodrop in your showroom, on the counter or in the waiting room.

Autodrop types

The fleet consists of different Autodrop types. From real classics to souped-up and pimped models. Of course you will find all known Autodrop varieties at online candy wholesaler We have an Autodrop model for all enthusiasts. For lovers of classics, there are of course the Cadillacs. Can't you choose between licorice and wine gums? No problem, Autodrop's double-decker buses give you the best of both worlds. And do you think everything is fine? Then you choose Autodrop total loss, right? All tasty Autodrop varieties in one package.

Autodrop Cadillacs

Autodrop Cadillacs can rightly be called a classic (just like the real Cadillac). Autodrop Cadillacs have a fruity forest fruit flavor and are gluten-free. You also want to be able to say that you bought a Cadillac? Autodrop Cadillacs are for the real enthusiast. Available in bags to hand out, discount packs of 1 kilo and in different versions.

Autodrop double decker buses

Autodrop double decker buses are twice as tasty. The fruity taste of wine gums combined with a powerful licorice flavor provides a true taste sensation. Autodrop double decker buses give you twice as much fun. Did you know that Autodrop double decker buses are completely vegan? Autodrop's double-decker buses are made without artificial colors and gelatin. In addition, they do not contain gluten and animal ingredients. At online candy wholesaler you can always buy Autodrop double decker buses at a low price. We have them in different sizes.

Auto drop total loss

What a mess! But Autodrop total loss is a nice chaos of 11 different flavors. It's up to you to create some order in the box. Which flavor will you eat first to clear the way? Whichever model you choose, all Autodrop total loss flavors are made with natural flavors and colorings and free of gluten! So you know what to do… If the fire brigade buy this Autodrop total loss at online candy wholesaler!

Autodrop soft cars

Autodrop soft cars are trucks full of soft liquorice foam. The soft wagons are tough guys with a soft side. Autodrop soft wagons are available in the flavors toffee gum, salmiakgum and liquorice gum. These tasty truck candies are made with natural colors and flavors. They are also completely gluten-free and lactose-free. That is also a responsible way of heavy transport. You can of course buy Autodrop soft trolleys at an affordable price at online candy wholesaler Available in different packaging.

Auto drop vegan

An increasing part of Autodrop's fleet is vegan. With this, Autodrop takes its responsibility and also meets the increasing demand for vegan sweets. What kind of animal ingredients should you consider? For starters, many candies contain gelatin. Gelatin makes the candies nice and soft. Gelatin is made from offal and is therefore not vegan. Autodrop replaces the gelatin for a vegan alternative such as gum arabic. This is resin from a certain kind of acacia tree. Beeswax can also be found in many candies. Alternatives that Autodrop uses to make its candy vegan are, for example, sweets with carnauba wax. Many red candies also contain carminic acid, which comes from insects. In Autodrop's vegan sweets, this is replaced by a natural dye, for example from beet juice. Also take a look at our halal candy if you do not want or are not allowed to have animal ingredients in your candy.

Autodrop 1kg

Especially for large consumers (and real car enthusiasts) Autodrop has bags of 1 kilo. You can of course buy these discount bags cheaply at online candy wholesaler Fill your candy jars and candy bowls with these delicious Autodrop candies. An Autodrop bowl in your showroom, waiting area or at the counter will certainly be appreciated by your customers and guests. The Autodrop bulk packs that you buy at online candy wholesaler come in a box with 4 bags of 1 kilo. This way you always have an Autodrop discount bag in stock.

Autodrop acid

A surprising variant are the Autodrop sour candies. The familiar taste of Autodrop Cadillacs but with a sour layer. Pelvic-pulling acid is what Autodrop calls it. The fleet consists of a number of sour Autodrop models. There is, for example, the tear-jerking strawberry wedding car, the sour cassis purple sedan and the sour cherry Cadillac. Do you keep your face straight while you taste the sour Autodrop? Always keep in mind that after the sour comes the sweet!

Order autodrop

You order autodrop economical at online candy wholesaler Do you order Autodrop before 12:00 noon? Then it becomes the same day. In addition, you can order from us order without an account. Would you like to order Autodrop more often? Then you can easily create an account so that ordering is even faster and easier. Orders from € 95,- will also be between XNUMX:XNUMX and XNUMX:XNUMX in the Netherlands and Belgium. Do you want Autodrop or other order candy for your showroom, waiting area, kiosk, candy store, vending machine, candy vending machine or sports canteen? Thanks to's extensive Autodrop range, you will always find your favorite Autodrop with us. The tastiest flavors and in different packaging.