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Doritos chips are unique and incredibly tasty. While other chips are made from potatoes, Doritos chips are made from corn. The characteristic triangular chips are also wonderfully seasoned, which makes them irresistibly tasty. Dorito is the Spanish word for small pieces of gold. An appropriate name for these delicious corn chips.

Order Doritos chips

At you can easily and quickly order your favorite Doritos chips online. Whether you are a fan of the classic Doritos Nacho Cheese, Doritos Sweet Chili Pepper or a different flavour: at they are always competitively priced. We not only have different flavors, but also different sizes. In our range you will find large bags of Doritos chips for your party or for a nice evening on the couch. But also small bags of Doritos chips, ideal as a treat, to hand out or for sale in the canteen, the village hall or in the vending machine or candy machine.

Doritos bits: the perfect snack

Are you looking for a crunchy and savory snack? Doritos Bits are bite-sized snacks in handy portion bags. Crispy Doritos bites with an irresistible taste. Ideal for on the go, at the movies or just for those moments when you feel like something tasty. Order Doritos Bits now at and discover your new favorite snack.

Doritos nacho cheese

Doritos Nacho Cheese is probably the most popular Doritos flavor. The combination of cheese and herbs makes these chips our best-selling Doritos chips. Do you prefer a slightly spicy taste? Then of course you choose Doritos sweet chili. The sweet cili variant of Doritos has a sweet, slightly spicy taste and is delicious with a nacho dip and a layer of melted cheese. Whether you choose Doritos cheese or Doritos chili, you can buy it cheaply from online wholesaler

Blue Doritos

Would you like to try something different? Blue Doritos are the well-known Doritos chips in the cool American flavor. Strongly seasoned corn chips with sour cream flavor. These little pieces of gold are for the true Doritos lover. Whether you go for the classic flavors (for example the orange Doritos nacho cheese) or want to try something new (the blue Doritos cool American), you will find it at

At Compliment you will not only find the Doritos brand chips, but also other types of chips such as LaysCroky of Pringels.