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Knorr: tasty and sustainable food for every occasion

Knorr is a world-renowned brand that has been in the food industry for over 175 years. The brand is known for its tasteful and high-quality products that are suitable for different eating times and occasions. Knorr has a wide range of products ranging from soups, sauces, broths and meal mixes to herbs, vegetables and recipes.

Tasty soups for every season

Knorr offers a wide variety of soups that are perfect for every season. From invigorating tomato soup in summer to warming pea soup in winter: a tasty option for every season. In addition, the brand also offers healthy and vegetarian options, such as the Knorr Veggie Soup.

Tasteful sauces for every dish

Knorr also has a wide range of sauces that are perfect for any dish. Whether you are looking for a classic tomato sauce, a spicy curry sauce or a rich béchamel sauce. In addition, most of Knorr's sauces are also available in healthy and vegetarian options.

Qualitative broth for the perfect taste

Knorr also offers a wide variety of broths that are perfect for any dish. Whether you need a stock for a tasty soup, sauce or risotto. Moreover, Knorr broths are of high quality and are available in different variants, such as meat, chicken, fish and vegetable broth.

Healthy food and sustainability

Knorr is not only focused on offering tasty and high-quality products, but also on promoting healthy food and sustainability. For example, the brand has a special line of "naturally delicious" products that contain only natural ingredients and are free of artificial flavors and preservatives. In addition, the company is also focused on reducing its carbon footprint and has taken several initiatives to promote sustainable agriculture and packaging.

Vegetarian options

Knorr has a wide variety of vegetarian options, including broths, meal mixes and condiments. For example, the brand also has a special line with “World dishes” that are inspired by various international cuisines and are completely vegetarian.

In short: tasty and high-quality products for every eating moment and every occasion. Whether you're looking for flavorful soups, sauces, broths or vegetarian options, Knorr has it all. In addition, the brand is focused on promoting healthy nutrition and sustainability, offering products that are free of artificial flavors and preservatives. Through its many years of experience and expertise in the food industry, Knorr has built a strong reputation as a reliable and innovative producer of food products.

Knorr's commitment to sustainability

In addition to offering high-quality and flavorful products, Knorr also has a strong commitment to sustainability. For example, the company has set up the Knorr Sustainable Living Plan, which aims to reduce the impact of the food industry on the environment while improving the quality of food.

One of the main goals of the plan is to promote sustainable agricultural practices. Knorr works closely with farmers and suppliers around the world to ensure their products are produced in a sustainable and responsible manner. The company also supports sustainable agriculture initiatives and ensures that its products are increasingly produced sustainably.

Another key pillar of the Knorr Sustainable Living Plan is reducing the company's environmental footprint. Knorr has set itself the goal of reducing its CO2025 emissions by 2% by 50. The company has also taken initiatives to develop and use more sustainable packaging, and has already introduced packaging made from recycled plastic, for example.


Knorr is a brand known for its tasty and high-quality food products. The company offers a wide variety of products, including soups, sauces, broths and vegetarian options. In addition, Knorr has a strong commitment to sustainability and works to reduce the impact of the food industry on the environment. If you are looking for quality and sustainable food, Knorr is definitely a brand to consider.