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Wilhelmina Peppermint: The Dutch classic

Wilhelmina Pepermunt is a Dutch classic that has been produced for more than 120 years. It is a candy with a unique taste that is appreciated by young and old. In this article you can read all about its history, how it is produced and what the most popular flavors are.

History of Wilhelmina Peppermint

Wilhelmina Pepermunt was first produced in 1892 in the Dutch village of Zaandam. The candy was named after Queen Wilhelmina, who had ascended the throne at that time. It was a tribute to the new queen and the producer also hoped to attract the attention of the Dutch people.

The peppermint quickly became very popular in the Netherlands and was even the official candy of the Dutch Railways. The candy was easy to carry and the strong peppermint flavor provided fresh breath during long train journeys.

Production process of Wilhelmina Peppermint

The production process of Wilhelmina Pepermunt has been virtually unchanged for more than 120 years. The ingredients are still sugar, corn syrup, natural mint oil and natural dyes. Production takes place in a factory in the Netherlands, where the candy is made according to a secret recipe.

The process starts with mixing the ingredients into a homogeneous mixture. Then the mixture is boiled and cooled in large kettles. The cooled mixture is then rolled out into thin slices and punched into the shape of the well-known Wilhelmina Peppermint candy.

After die-cutting, the candies are stored in large bags to rest and cool. After this they are packed in the well-known blue and white wrappers and are ready for sale.

Most popular flavors of Wilhelmina Peppermint

In addition to the classic peppermint flavor, various other flavors of Wilhelmina Peppermint are also available. The most popular flavors are:

  • Honey: A soft, sweet taste that goes perfectly with the strong mint flavors of Wilhelmina Pepermunt.
  • Cinnamon: A spicy flavor that gives the sweet mint an extra dimension.
  • Licorice: A daring taste that combines the sweet taste with the savory taste of licorice.
  • Lemon: A fresh, sour taste that perfectly complements the strong mint.
  • Orange: A sweet, fruity flavor that provides a wonderful change from the strong mint flavor.

Wilhelmina Peppermint as a marketing tool

Wilhelmina Peppermint is not only produced to sell, but also as a marketing tool. The candy is an important part of Dutch culture and is used as a business gift and promotional item.

Many Dutch companies have their own version with their logo or company name printed on it. It is a simple but effective way to increase brand awareness and create a positive association with the company.

Besides the business world, Wilhelmina Pepermunt is also used as promotional material in politics. During election campaigns, Wilhelmina Pepermunt candies are handed out with the face or name of the political party printed on them. It is a creative way to recruit voters and draw attention to the party.


Wilhelmina Pepermunt is a classic in the Dutch candy industry and has an important place in Dutch culture. The unique recipe and the strong mint flavors make the candy popular with young and old. In addition to the classic peppermint, there are several other flavors available that provide a wonderful variety.

It is used as a business gift, promotional item and even as promotional material in politics. The candy has a positive association and is a simple but effective way to increase brand awareness.

All in all, Wilhelmina Pepermunt is an important part of Dutch culture and will continue to be a valued sweet for young and old in the future.