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Cinnamon candy, foam blocks from "Zeeuwse babbelaars", liquorice, candy canes and much more old Dutch candy can be bought cheaply at online wholesaler We all know them from back in the day and they are still popular. You can buy old Dutch candy not only on the market, but also cheaply online. We have selected the tastiest old Dutch candy for you. For example, what do you think of our Holland Foodz and Kindly's range? Or the old Dutch mix from Schuttelaar? Young and old can enjoy these classics. Old Dutch candy is a guaranteed success at events, fairs and conferences. But you can also make an unforgettable impression with our old Dutch delicacies as a treat.

Halal candy

Is it a challenge for you to find a candy store that sells halal candy? We already have all of our halal candylined up for you. Also look further down at the FAQ to find out when candy is really halal. Because halal is more than just omitting animal gelatin. E numbers such as E120 (Caramine), E940 (shellac) and E920/921 (Cysteine) are also haram. Even ethanol or alcohol is often used (in small amounts) to give candy a certain smell or taste. Are you looking for candy that is really halal? At online candy wholesaler you will find the tastiest halal candies for the best price.

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Kids and grown-ups love it so – the happy world of Haribo. And that for over 100 years. In our extensive candy range, there is of course plenty of room for the most famous candy brand in the world: Haribo. Haribo gold bears, rotella, coke bottles and frogs: everyone has had a Haribo candy before. Hand-out bags of Haribo gold bears, Haribo frogs scoop candy or Haribo starmix for sale in the candy machine: in our extensive assortment of Haribo candy you will always find a candy that makes you happy. Buy Haribo candy at an affordable price at online candy wholesaler

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Katja makes candy which can be enjoyed consciously. How do they do that? Katja candy is not only tasty, but all Katja liquorice and candy are also gelatin-free. So nicely veggie. And did you know that the candy in our Katja assortment is made from only natural ingredients? As a result, most Katja sweets are vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free. With Katja from online candy wholesaler, responsible snacking also becomes affordable and fun!

Napoleon candy

Napoleon is candy that you can enjoy for a long time. Treat yourself to a pampering moment with one of the many Napoleon variants. The wide range of has the tastiest flavors of Napoleon candy on offer. Napoleon is more than the classic lemon pure and black and white bullets. There are so many Napoleon flavors by now that there is something delicious for everyone. All of Napoleon's surprising flavors have one thing in common: they are wonderfully hard bullets with a surprising powder core.


Which candy is halal?

Halal sweets are sweets without ingredients that are explicitly prohibited and therefore not allowed to be consumed by Muslims. Here is a list:

  • pork gelatin
  • carmine (E120)
  • Shellac (E940)
  • Cysteine ​​(E920/921)
  • Ethanol Alcohol
  • Cross-contamination

A complete overview of our halal assortment you can find here.

Is halal candy vegan?

This is not necessary. Vegan candies are free of all animal additives. Halal candy, on the other hand, can be made with bovine gelatin, provided the bovine has been slaughtered according to Islamic regulations. It is therefore advisable to always check the ingredients.

Is vegan candy halal?

Although you will expect that, it doesn't have to be. Vegan candy is free from animal ingredients, but other ingredients can be haram. Think of alcohol or sweets that are made in companies that also produce non-halal products (cross-contamination). It is therefore advisable to always check the ingredients.