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Saint Nicholas Candy

Saint Nicholas Candy

Buy your Saint Nicholas candy from online candy wholesaler In our Saint Nicholas assortment you will find the most delicious spiced nuts and candy. Are you looking for discount packs of gingernuts? Or handy distribution bags with sprinkles? You'll find it at online candy wholesaler By the end of the year, we also dare to call ourselves wholesale spiced nuts and gingerbread.

Buy St. Nicholas Candy

Want to buy inexpensive Saint Nicholas candy? At you will always find St. Nicholas candy at a competitive price. So you don't have to wait for a St. Nicholas candy offer. Whether it's gingernuts, spiced nuts, biscuits or gingerbread: you'll find it at The best quality for a competitive price. The great advantage of buying St. Nicholas candy at is that you don't have to leave the house. Simply order your candy online and we will make sure it is delivered to you. Do you order before 12:00 pm? Then you will have it shipped the same day.

Buy Dutch Peppernuts

Buy affordable peppernuts or gingernuts from online wholesaler As a true wholesale supplier of peppernuts, you will find the tastiest peppernuts at a competitive price. We sell peppernuts from Bolletje: delicious crispy peppernuts with the taste of the cozy winter months. Peppernuts are great to put on the table in a big candy jar. At home, at work, on the road, at school. Or in the waiting room or showroom to treat your customers and guests. Put a bowl of peppernuts by the coffee machine in the office and your colleagues will be delighted. And you know what they say: he who is sweet gets treats!

Buy Dutch Spiced Nuts

Want to buy spiced nuts at a great price? At you buy Bolletje spiced nuts at a sharp price. Which Bolletje spiced nuts do you want to buy? We have them in different varieties. Spiced nuts in distribution bags/portion packs as a nice treat. Spiced nuts in discount bags to use as sprinkles or in a bowl on the counter, in the waiting room or office. Of course you can buy the tastiest treats from wholesaler Would you like to buy your spiced nuts but have no place to store them? Order them in advance and let us know when we need to deliver them. Then we can reserve some nuts for you.

Order Spiced Nuts

You can order Dutch spiced nuts easily, quickly and cheaply at online spiced nuts wholesaler Order before 12:00 pm and you'll have them shipped the same day. between XNUMX:XNUMX and XNUMX:XNUMX Be quick to avoid being late with ordering your spiced nuts for the season. It is also possible to pre-order now and have it delivered later. Let us know and we'll take care of the rest. You can order everything for the holidays online at Just from the couch, with a bowl of spice nuts on your lap.

Sprinkles St. Nicholas

Buy St. Nicholas sprinkles online at St. Nicholas sprinkles are a delicious mix of spiced nuts/peppernuts and marshmallows. This makes sprinkles extra colorful and cheerful. Because say it yourself: the St. Nicholas party wouldn't be complete without sprinkles, would it? What would you like to buy sprinkles for? For the arrival of St. Nicholas? For the St. Nicholas celebration at school or at work? You can also just eat it yourself. Put a bowl of candy by the coffee machine, in the waiting room of your hair salon or showroom, or at the office for your colleagues. Whatever you're going to use it for: buy affordable St. Nicholas treats online at

Order St. Nicholas Candy

Ordering St. Nicholas candy online at is super easy. With us, you don't need an account. Anyone can order from us. If you want to order from us more often (in addition to Saint Nicholas candy, we sell many other goodies), it may be useful to create an account. With your next order you do not have to fill in your details again and the products you have previously ordered are easy to find back. Besides St. Nicholas candy, is also the place to order Halloween Candy, childbirth candy and Valentine's Day candy. For example, what do you think of the gingerbread dolls from De Molen. These cakes are extremely popular in the winter months and are also widely used for charities. Because the gingerbread dolls are competitively priced, they are often used for door-to-door sales, for example.

Sprinkles Wholesale

During the cozy winter months, is a true sprinkle candy wholesaler. As early as September, space is made in a large part of our warehouse to be able to store our gingerbread, peppernuts, spiced nuts and speculoos. As soon as we receive the candy from Bolletje, it will be for sale in our webshop. And so you can order it. The advantage of our online wholesale is that you can simply place your order from home or office. No need to go to the store with the big bags of sprinkles. We are happy to collect your order, package it carefully and then ship it often the same day. Where other wholesalers are typically only for business customers, online candy wholesaler Compliment is for everyone. So private individuals can also order their grits quickly, easily and affordably at

Sprinkle Handout Bags

Sprinkle bags have been hugely popular in recent years. The portion packs of sprinkles with spiced nuts and marshmallows are easy to hand out. So a very fun treat during the St. Nicholas period. And of course they are much less messy than spreading or filling shoes with loose sprinkles. At online wholesaler we sell sprinkle bags of 50 gram and 100 gram. Handout bags syou order inexpensively at wholesale For schools, companies, associations, and individuals. We have an assortment of the most popular St. Nicholas candy. Our range includes the popular pepernuts handout bags from Bolletje. So you can get everything for a wonderful evening at online wholesaler