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halal sweets

Halal candy

Which candy is halal?

Which candy is halal? It sounds like an easy question, but figuring out which candy is halal is quite a challenge. Is it a challenge for you to find a candy store that sells halal candy? We already have ours for you halal candy lined up. Halal is more than just omitting animal gelatin. E numbers such as E120 (Caramine), E940 (shellac) and E920/921 (Cysteine) are also haram. Even ethanol or alcohol is often used (in small amounts) to give candy a certain smell or taste. Are you looking for candy that is really halal? At online candy wholesaler you will find the tastiest halal candies for the best price.

candy halal

To determine whether candy is halal, you need to look beyond just the lack of animal ingredients. Before buying halal candy online, it is often impossible to visit all the ingredients. That is why we have already done that for you at online candy wholesale If we are sure that the candy is halal, we will put it in this category halal candy. This makes it easy and clear for you to order halal candy online. Do you happen to see halal candy that is in our webshop but not yet in the halal candy category? Then take contact Contact us so we can add it. This is how we make it easy for everyone to buy halal candy.

Halal candy wholesale

Thanks to our large range, we can call ourselves halal candy wholesaler. With a wide choice of halal candy, there is always a candy that is halal. We'll be honest: at first we also thought that halal candy is candy without animal gelatin. But together with a number of loyal customers, we learned more about halal candy and delved into when candy is halal. As a halal candy wholesaler, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to order halal candy online.

Order halal candy

Ordering halal candy at online halal candy wholesaler is easy. As you could already read, we have placed all our halal candy in a separate category. This saves you the work of checking all the ingredients. Found what you're looking for? You can order halal candy at online candy wholesaler without account. If you want to order more often, it is easier to create an account. That way you don't have to fill in all the data every time and you can also easily find your previously ordered items. Do you order your halal candy before 12:00? Then it becomes delivered tomorrow. In addition, your halal candy order will be delivered shipped for free in the Netherlands and Belgium from € 95,00.

Buy halal candy

Do you want to buy cheap halal candy online? At halal candy wholesaler you have come to the right place. Are you looking for halal candy for a treat? To sell in your community center, sports canteen or candy store? At online candy wholesaler you will always find the best price. As a connoisseur you already know that buying halal candy does not mean that you have to choose all strange brands. More and more large candy manufacturers realize that the demand for halal candy is increasing and are therefore making their candy halal. Moreover, they comply with the increasingly strict rules regarding sustainability and corporate responsibility. Buying halal candy is also good for making our planet more sustainable.