Halloween Candy


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Halloween Candy

Halloween is one of the most celebrated and notable holidays in the world. While people dress up in scary costumes, carve pumpkins and tell spooky stories, there is one thing that unites everyone: candy! Halloween Candy, with its colorful, creative and sometimes creepy appearance, plays a central role in the celebration of this enchanting night. From sweet to sour flavors to lollipops en licorice You can order Halloween candy easily and quickly online at!

Candy packed individually or per kilo. The choice is huge. Candy in the shape of Candy Spray, Bpop Terror  or half moons No account is required for private individuals either! Choose, order and pay. 


Halloween takes place every year on October 31. The name Halloween is derived from "All Hallows Eve", which is the evening before All Saints' Day, or All Souls' Day. Halloween's origins date back to the Celtic holiday Samhain, which marked the end of the harvest season and celebrated the transition to the dark winter period. Nowadays we call it Halloween, a scary festival with different traditions and activities