Cleaning agents


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Cleaning agents

A fresh, clean and hygienic living or working environment is extremely important. Well-functioning cleaning agents are therefore a must for every company, organization, school or association. Many companies have to comply with the HACCP regulations whereby good cleaning products ensure a good (end) result.

At we have an extensive range of cleaning products for professional use and/or home use. Our cleaning agents or cleaning agents guarantee a perfectly clean end result on the work floor or at home. At we think quality and sustainability are very important. With us you can order easily & quickly, but above all affordable, high-quality and durable cleaning agents.

Online wholesaler supplies a complete range of professional cleaning products. From sanitary facilities to glass and floor cleaning and from disinfection and hand cleaning. With brands like Ecolab, green speed or for example Glorix. is happy to help you with the cleaning and because we have everything in stock, we can also deliver quickly: If you order before 12:00, you will receive your products the next day and you can get started with your favorite cleaning products!

Not only companies order from, because as a private person you can also use our competitively priced cleaning agents! Good deal right?


Do you have difficulty removing lemonade stains, smoke deposits or coffee stains? Then degreasers are your ideal tool. This cleaning agent is useful in kitchens, for example when cleaning the extractor hood. Discover top quality degreasers from brands such as online wholesaler Skjinner, Powerclean en Tana, all this at an affordable price. That will make you very happy!


A cloth is always useful in combination with a cleaning agent. Discover our range wipe cloths en microfibre cloths!