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Sweepers & Brooms

Every household is incomplete without a good broom! At Compliment you can purchase this handy tool very cheaply. Our wide range consists of different types of brooms, in length, width and function. Whether you need a broom for indoor or outdoor use, you can come to us for any sweeping job! Mopping is also not a problem at Compliment, take a look at our floor squeegee and floor squeegee department. In addition, you are also very cheap if you buy a all-purpose cleaner order from us!

soft broom

Do you have a floor that is easily damaged if you scrub or scrub too hard? Then a soft broom is the solution. Our wide range consists of brooms, brushes and squeegees that can tackle any dirt on your floor with great ease. A soft broom effectively removes dust and leaves no marks on your floor. So you don't have to worry about damage to your floor during cleaning! For delicate cleaning, use a soft broom from Compliment.

hard broom

For heavier sweeping work, you can order a hard broom from Compliment. You can use this, for example, to clean your terrace. A hard broom can be used for solid surfaces that do not get scratched when a lot of force is applied with a broom. There are several hard brooms available in our webshop that you can purchase from us for a reasonable price. Do you also want to be able to reach higher places such as the ceiling and tops of cabinets instead of the floor? Then our stairs and ladders offer a solution! You can order this at Compliment, as well as a hard broom, very affordable!