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Coffee beans

At online coffee wholesaler Compliment you will find a wide choice of the best coffee beans. But what are the best coffee beans? There is no immediate answer to that. One likes a strong cup of coffee, the other prefers his coffee subtle. As a result, the best coffee beans for one person are completely different from the best coffee beans for another. It is therefore best for you to determine what the best coffee beans are for you. We do give you a few tips here to find the best coffee beans.

In the world of coffee you come across two standard terms:

Arabica coffee beans and Robusta coffee beans. The biggest difference between the two is the amount of caffeine. Arabica coffee beans contain less caffeine and therefore give a more subtle taste to the coffee. Robusta coffee beans contain more caffeine and therefore give the coffee a powerful taste. Most coffee beans you buy at the store are a mix of both types.

What are coffee beans anyway?

Coffee beans are the seeds of the fruits of the coffee plant. These seeds are harvested, dried, roasted and ground before they are ready to be used as coffee. The taste and aroma of coffee is determined by the type of coffee plant, the way the beans are harvested and processed, and the way the coffee is prepared.

Taste sensation with coffee beans Douwe Egberts

Douwe Egberts coffee beans have proven their quality. Been for years Douwe Egberts coffee beans the most sold coffee beans in the Netherlands. Douwe Egberts coffee beans are blends of Arabica and Robusta. Which is super handy: Douwe Egberts has the flavour strength on all its packaging. This way you can easily see whether you are buying coffee beans with a refined taste (strength 3), a round taste (strength 5), an intense taste (strength 7) or espresso beans (strength 9). Ideal right?

How long do coffee beans stay good?

Coffee beans keep best if they are stored in a sealed container in a cool, dry and dark area. Under these conditions, coffee beans can grow up to approx 3 months from the production date retain their taste and aroma. If the coffee beans are exposed to light, heat or moisture, the flavor may deteriorate more quickly. Once opened, it is recommended to use the coffee beans within a month.

Choose the best coffee beans

Do you have to tasty coffee beans then necessarily buy coffee beans from an A-brand? Certainly not! Take, for example, the coffee beans of our house brand Meesterschap. From picking to roasting and packaging, these beans are selected with care, and you can taste it. Once our regular coffee customers have tried Meesterschap coffee, they usually don't want anything else. A-quality coffee beans for the price of a private label.

Which coffee beans are the best?

Tastes differ and therefore there is no clear answer to which coffee beans are the best, but two popular types of coffee beans are Arabica and Robusta. Arabica coffee beans are considered the most flavorful, with a delicate taste and aromas of fruit, flowers and chocolate. These beans grow at higher elevations and are usually more expensive than the Robusta variety. Robusta coffee beans have a firmer taste with a nutty aftertaste and a lighter acidity than Arabica. This species grows at lower elevations.

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Affordable online order coffee beans you do online coffee wholesaler Compliment. Whether you are looking for A-brand coffee beans or affordable coffee beans from our private label: in the extensive coffee range of Compliment you will find the coffee beans that suit you. Buying coffee beans online at Compliment is also very easy. You order without an account. Do you want to order more often? Then simply create an account so that you do not have to enter all the details every time and can easily order your favourite coffee beans again. Do you order before 12:00 pm? Then your order will be shipped the same day!

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Buy coffee beans for the coffee machine, go to online coffee wholesaler Compliment. We offer a wide range of affordable top quality coffee beans. We also have coffee beans from our A brands Douwe Egberts, Brizio and Mocca d'Or. Our line of fair trade coffee beans is suitable for all types of coffee machines. Take a look at our coffee beans for example Lazzaro, Earth en Cafe Auberge. Finally, we also offer a range of cheaper coffee beans, real price packers of the brand Meesterschap.

Online coffee wholesale

In the large line of products Of course you can buy more than just coffee beans from coffee wholesaler Compliment. Have a look at our wide selection, for example quick filter grind. Of course you also want to provide your customers, guests or employees with something delicious with their coffee. That is why you can also find various types with us coffee biscuits to order. We have a wide selection of delicacies for coffee and tea!