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Cafitesse is a liquid coffee extract with a strong coffee flavour. Basically a kind of coffee syrup. After making the coffee, the Cafitesse is immediately sealed airtight. As a result, all aromas are well preserved and Cafitesse has a long shelf life. With Cafitesse you can quickly make the best coffee. You can also get up to 375 cups of coffee from a pack of Cafitesse. Because of the competitive prices on Compliment you not only make delicious coffee, but it is also really beneficial. Moreover, with us you benefit from fast delivery at home or at the work location!

What is Caffeine?

Cafitesse is an instant liquid coffee. The coffee is made by spray-drying a liquid coffee extract, creating small granules that easily dissolve in hot water for a cup of coffee. Cafitesse is popular in the Netherlands and other European countries and is available in different flavors and strengths.

The taste of quality

Cafitesse coffee is available in various flavors and strengths. As a result, there is a suitable Cafitesse coffee for everyone. Whether you want a coffee with an intense, powerful taste or a soft, creamy cappuccino: there is a suitable Cafitesse coffee flavor for every taste. Because the taste preferences of Dutch coffee drinkers are changing, Douwe Egberts has updated the flavors of Cafitesse. They have come up with different flavor clusters for this: medium, rich, fruity and dark. Thanks to its balanced taste, the medium Cafitesse coffee is suitable for many coffee variations. The rich and fruity Cafitesse blend is ideal for black coffee or coffee with a little milk. And for the strong black coffee you use the intense dark blend of Cafitesse. It is also suitable for milk variations such as a latte or cappuccino.

Is Cafitesse coffee suitable for coffee machines?

Cafitesse cannot be prepared in normal coffee machines, but it can be prepared in the special Cafitesse coffee machines. This is made for Cafitesse and can prepare various types and flavors of coffee. This is very handy and beneficial for the office, for example, because the machine prepares a cup or a whole jug of coffee for you and your colleagues in no time.

Douwe Egbert's Cafitesse

With Douwe Egbert's Cafitesse is it possible to quickly make delicious coffee. With the average Douwe Egberts Cafitesse you can make a cup of coffee in 15 seconds. A jug of coffee is ready in about 90 seconds. This makes the Douwe Egberts Cafitesse coffee machine very suitable for offices, conference centers and meeting locations. In addition to the coffee for cafitesse, we also sell various Douwe Egberts cafitesse at Compliment coffee machines. Look inside us coffee machines assortment. You can always count on a competitive price with us!

What flavors are available for Cafitesse coffee?

There are different flavors and compositions available for Cafitesse coffee, which are divided into medium, rich, fruity and dark flavors. There is a Cafitesse coffee for everyone that suits his or her taste. The beans from which the coffee is made are lightly roasted, which ensures a delicious smooth and mild taste. In addition, the aromas remain strongly present.

Buy coffee

Affordable Douwe Egberts Buy coffee you do at online coffee wholesaler Compliment. But the price is not the only reason why people buy a Cafitesse coffee machine from us. When you buy a DE Cafitesse, we take care of the delivery and installation completely free of charge. A big advantage is that our service employees are certified by Douwe Egberts. Unique for coffee wholesalers and an extra security for you. By the certification you benefit from the full guarantee that Douwe Egberts gives when they install a machine themselves. So do you want to buy a cafitesse cheaply and still benefit from free shipping, installation and warranty? Order your cafitesse at online coffee wholesaler Compliment.

Online coffee wholesale

At coffee wholesale You can get a compliment much more than just cafitesse coffee! We offer one wide range to different species coffee beans for your next cup. And don't forget all our delicious coffee biscuits to accompany each sip. From single biscuits to large multi-packs, we have something to suit every coffee craving, come and explore the selection today! In addition, benefit from fast delivery! free delivery from €95,-!