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Orange items

Company colors are orange, the Dutch national team plays in orange, the royal family is orange, the whole of the Netherlands turns orange!! At wholesaler you can order orange items online. We sell orange products for canteens, candy stores, fairs and events. But even as a private individual you will find everything you are looking for at

We are regularly asked which orange candy and which orange products we sell. To make it as easy as possible for you, we have added this category to our range. At the online candy wholesaler we like to make ordering orange items easy for you. With us you do not need an account and you can choose from different payment methods. Whether you are a business customer or a private individual, is your online wholesaler for every occasion.

Orange packaging

In the Netherlands, the color orange has deep roots in history and culture and is often associated with national pride and celebrations. Whether it is King's Day, an important football tournament or another festive event, orange items always play a central role. Orange packaging is very popular on these festive occasions and is often used to make festive packages. Think of orange packaging like the one and only Wimpie sauce, the well-known one orange tiktak candies or the well-known air fresheners from Arbre Magique. These orange products can help you give your events or surprise packages an orange atmosphere.

Orange items that are edible

Taste the color of festive joy, orange is not only a color we associate with national pride and festivities, but also with tasty treats. At we sell different types of treats that are orange in color, treats such as Unox hearty tomato/vegetable soup, the herbal bitter from Imperial bitter or the well-known Hit Fruit Syrup Orange. Orange foods are not only tasty, but also add a cheerful and festive atmosphere to any occasion. Whether it is an orange theme party or a sporting event where the Netherlands is proudly represented, edible orange items are always a welcome addition to the festivities.

King's Day drinks

King's Day, originally known as Queen's Day, is one of the most beloved and celebrated national holidays in the Netherlands. This festive day takes place on April 27 in honor of the king's birthday. It is an occasion on which the Dutch celebrate their national pride and solidarity, and the streets turn orange in honor of the royal family. Every party naturally calls for tasty drinks, preferably drinks that match the theme of the party. Drinks are included on King's Day Aperol Spritz, De Kuyper Orange Bitter of Fantastic orange very appropriate.