Kindly's is the brand when it comes to old Dutch sweets. The best sweets from then are still sold by Kindly's. Kindly's sweets are still made in the old-fashioned way and according to traditional recipes where possible. This makes the old Dutch candy from Kindly's just as tasty as before. Delicious for both young and old. Kindly's is part of one of the largest confectionery producer: Van Vliet The Family of Candy Brands. Kindly's candy is packed in eye-catching packaging with fun images from the past. All this makes Kindly's authentic but also very contemporary. Where can you always cheaply buy Kindly's candy? Indeed, at online candy wholesaler

Kindly's candy

Kindly's candy is not only tasty, it also evokes a nostalgic feeling in many. When you enjoy Kindly's candies you experience a moment of beautiful memories. Kindly's moment they call it, created by Kindly's sweet moments. At online candy wholesaler you will find an extensive Kindly's candy package. The stylish packaging immediately gives extra appearance to Kindly's candy. But fair is fair: you buy candy from Kindly's mainly because it is so delicious. Which Kindly's flavor and variant is your favorite? Is it the soft creamy ones Kindly's Butter Waffles? The addictively delicious Kindly's licorice sticks? Or do you choose a combination of all the delicious Kindly's candies with the Kindly's old Dutch mix?

Kindly's salmiak

Kindly's salmiak hail is originally a Scandinavian delicacy. They are hard salmiak balls with a delicious taste of salmiak, licorice and liquorice. A delicacy for any time of the day! Kindly's salmiak hail is not the only Kindly's salmiak flavored candy that we sell at online candy wholesaler For example, how about Kindly's salmiak rope, or the Kindly's Salmiak Frogs. In addition, we sell Kindly's salmiak candy in different packaging. In our range you will find discount packages of Kindly's salmiak candy of 2 kg (ideal for sale as scoop candy or to present in a nice bowl or candy jar), but also handy Kindly's candy bags and candy trays. These are fun to sell yourself at a market in the candy stall, at the fair or in the candy store or for charity.

Kindly's foam blocks

Kindly's foam blocks are the old Dutch delicacy par excellence. Kindly's foam blocks melt in your mouth while providing a delicious sweet taste sensation. Kindly's foam blocks naturally have the soft yellow and soft pink color of the original foam blocks. An old Dutch foam block is not only tasty, it also gives you a boost. Because Kindly's foam blocks consist of 70% dextrose you get a lot of energy. Foam blocks are further characterized by being light and crispy. You can of course buy Kindly's foam blocks at an affordable price at online candy wholesaler What do you use your Kindly's foam blocks for? Foam cubes are fun as a treat or to sell as scoop candy in your candy stall or candy store. The small Kindly's foam cubes are also used in recipes for desserts and to decorate baked goods.

Order Kindlys

You can order Kindly's cheaply at online candy wholesaler Our wide range also ensures that ordering Kindly's is just as much fun as the candy itself. You feel like a kid in the candy store between Kindly's griots, babblers and salmiaks. Ordering Kindly's is also very easy, you can Order without account. If you place your Kindly's order before 12:00 pm, it will be delivered tomorrow. And orders from € 95,- are even free delivery in the Netherlands and Belgium. So whether you want to order Kindly's for your candy stall, fair, candy store, as a promotional gift, or a present for your colleagues, friends or family: you can order cheap Kindly's at online candy wholesaler