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Fisherman's friend

Fisherman's friend

Fisherman's friend is a refreshing candy with a special history. Did you know that Fisherman's friend was originally actually a syrup of licorice, eucalyptus and menthol? Because the bottles often broke on the raging sea, the Fisherman's friend was transformed into the pastille with the shape we know today. Over the years, the brand has grown enormously and more and more Fisherman's Friend flavors have come onto the market. But the power of Fisherman's friend always remains the same: a refreshing candy for fresh breath and a sensation in the throat. Strong stuff that makes even the bony sailors cry.

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Fisherman's friend flavours

At online wholesaler you will find the most popular Fisherman's friend flavours. To begin with, of course Fisherman's friend original: sugar-free, strong and tasty. This original Fisherman's friend has a strong menthol flavour. If you prefer a fisherman's friend with fruit flavor, the Fisherman's friend raspberry really something for you. Just as refreshing as the Fisherman's friend original flavour, but with the taste of raspberry. There are so many Fisherman's friend flavors that there is a favorite for everyone. For example, for lovers of salmiak there is the Fisherman's friend salmiak. Also sugar-free and with a strong salmiak flavour. Would you rather drop? Try the Fisherman's friend sweet licorice. Whichever of the Fisherman's friend flavors you choose, at online wholesaler you will find the Fisherman's friend flavor that suits you.

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