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oil horn

Oliehoorn sauces: the most popular seasonings

When it comes to adding flavor to dishes, sauces are indispensable. Oliehoorn is one of the best known and most popular brands of sauces in the Netherlands. In this text we will discuss the history of Oliehoorn, the different types of sauces that the brand offers and why they are so popular.

History of Oliehoorn

Oliehoorn was founded in 1962 in the Frisian village of Franeker. At the time, the company started as a small manufacturer of mayonnaise and French fries sauce. In the 70s, Oliehoorn expanded into making other types of sauces and the brand now offers an extensive range of seasonings.

Different kinds of sauces

Oliehoorn has sauces in different categories, including chips sauces, curries, ketchup, garlic sauce, satay sauce and much more. One of the best known and most popular sauces from Oliehoorn is the 'Fries sauce Oliehoorn', which is often served with fries. Oliehoorn mayonnaise is also very popular and has a full and creamy taste.

Why are Oliehoorn sauces so popular?

There are several reasons why Oliehoorn sauces are so popular in the Netherlands. First of all, the brand offers a wide choice of sauces in different flavors. As a result, there is a suitable sauce for every dish. In addition, Oliehoorn's sauces are made from high-quality ingredients and no artificial colors or flavors are added. This gives the sauces a natural taste and also makes them suitable for vegetarians. Moreover, Oliehoorn's sauces are also affordable, making the brand accessible to many people.


Oliehoorn sauces are a popular choice in the Netherlands due to the wide choice of flavours, the high quality of the ingredients and the affordability. The brand has built up a good reputation in recent decades and it is impossible to imagine Dutch cuisine without it. Whether you eat fries, grill a burger or make a salad, with the sauces from Oliehoorn you can add the perfect taste to your dish in no time at all.