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Pickwick: A Brief History of the Famous Tea Brand

Pickwick is one of the most famous tea brands in the Netherlands and was founded in 1753. The brand has a rich history and over the years has grown into one of the most popular tea brands in the Netherlands. In this text, we'll discuss Pickwick's history, highlight some of the brand's most popular flavors and Pickwick's commitment to sustainability.

History of Pickwick

Pickwick was founded in 1753 in England. The brand started as a small tea shop and quickly grew into a well-known brand in Great Britain. In 1937, Pickwick was taken over by Douwe Egberts, a Dutch coffee brand. Since then, Pickwick has become one of the most popular tea brands in the Netherlands.

Popular flavors from Pickwick

Pickwick offers a wide range of tea flavours, from classic black teas to exotic fruit teas. One of the brand's most popular flavors is the English Blend. This tea is a blend of different types of black tea and is perfect for a cup of tea in the morning. Another popular flavor from Pickwick is the Rooibos orange cinnamon tea. This tea is caffeine free and has a delicious taste of orange and cinnamon.

In addition to these classic flavors, Pickwick also offers some unique tea flavors, such as the Pickwick Tea Parties, a series of teas with flavors such as Apple Pie and Cinnamon, and the Pickwick Joy of Tea collection, a series of teas with special ingredients such as ginger, lemongrass and mint.

Sustainability at Pickwick

Sustainability is an important part of Pickwick's business philosophy. The brand is committed to a sustainable future and has set up various initiatives to achieve this. For example, Pickwick works with tea farmers around the world to produce sustainable tea. The brand is committed to preserving nature and the environment and works to reduce the carbon footprint of the production process.

In addition, Pickwick is actively involved in social initiatives. The brand supports local communities and is committed to improving the living conditions of the people involved in tea production.

Pickwick packaging

Another important part of sustainability at Pickwick is packaging. The brand strives to produce as little waste as possible and therefore uses sustainable packaging. For example, Pickwick tea bags are fully compostable and biodegradable. The brand also uses FSC-certified packaging, which comes from sustainably managed forests.

Finally, Pickwick has also established a recycling program where consumers can return their used tea bags to Pickwick for recycling. In this way, the brand wants to contribute to a sustainable future and ensure a cleaner and healthier planet.


Pickwick is a well-known and loved tea brand in the Netherlands, known for its delicious flavors and commitment to sustainability. By working together with tea farmers around the world and striving for sustainable production processes, Pickwick wants to contribute to a better future for people and the planet. With a wide range of flavors and packaging that are sustainable and environmentally friendly, Pickwick is a brand that fits the needs of modern consumers who are looking for products that are not only tasty, but also produced responsibly and sustainably.