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Vileda: everything for a clean house

When it comes to cleaning, Vileda is one of the most trusted brands in the world. The company has been active for almost 75 years and has a wide range of products for cleaning homes and business premises. Whether it's vacuuming, mopping, washing windows or dusting, Vileda has the right tool for every task. In this text we take a closer look at the Vileda brand and the products they offer.

The History of Vileda

The Vileda company was founded in 1948 in Germany. It started as a small family business that focused on the production of cleaning cloths and tissues. In the 50s, the company expanded to other European countries and started producing vacuum cleaners, mops and other cleaning tools. In 1971, Vileda was taken over by the American company Freudenberg. Since then, the company has grown into a global player in the field of cleaning products.

The assortment of Vileda

Vileda's range is huge. The company offers products for all aspects of residential and commercial cleaning. Below we discuss a number of popular products from Vileda.

Vacuum cleaners

Vileda has different types of vacuum cleaners in its range. From small handheld vacuum cleaners to large, powerful bagged vacuum cleaners. Vileda also offers vacuum cleaners that are suitable for vacuuming up animal hair. Vileda vacuum cleaners are efficient and reliable and help to remove dust, dirt and hair.


A good mop is essential for a clean floor. Vileda has different types of mops in its range, such as the classic cotton mop and the modern microfiber mop. The microfiber mop is suitable for cleaning different types of floors, such as tiles, laminate and parquet. Thanks to the microfibers, the mop absorbs dirt and moisture well.

Cleaning cloths

Vileda is best known for its cleaning cloths. The company offers a wide range of cloths, such as microfiber cloths, disposable cloths and cleaning cloths. The microfiber cloths are suitable for cleaning different surfaces, such as windows, mirrors, kitchen worktops and bathroom furniture. The disposable cloths are ideal for quick and easy cleaning of small surfaces. The cleaning cloths are made of sturdy material and can be used for cleaning the kitchen or bathroom, for example.

Window wipers

Cleaning windows can be a time consuming and tedious job. Vileda has various window wipers in its range that make cleaning a lot easier. For example, Vileda has the Windomatic window cleaner. This cleaner cleans windows streak-free and is easy to use. Thanks to the powerful suction function, dirt and water residues are immediately sucked up.

Abrasive sponges

Scouring sponges are a solution for stubborn dirt and caked-on food residues. Vileda has different types of scouring pads in its range, such as the Vileda Glitzi Plus. This scouring sponge has a soft and an abrasive side, making it easy to remove stubborn dirt. The sponge is suitable for cleaning pots, pans, hobs and even barbecues.

Cleaning cart

Vileda offers the cleaning trolley for companies and institutions. This cart has several compartments and baskets in which you can store cleaning tools, cleaning cloths and cleaning products. Thanks to the wheels, the cart is easy to move and you have all cleaning supplies within reach.


Vileda attaches great importance to sustainability. The company is working to reduce the environmental footprint of its products. For example, more and more recycled materials are being used for the production of Vileda products. In addition, attention is paid to reducing CO2 emissions during the transport of the products. Vileda is also developing products that use less water and energy.


Vileda is a reliable and innovative brand in the field of cleaning products. The range is wide and offers the right tool for every cleaning task. In addition, Vileda attaches great importance to sustainability and the company is working on reducing its ecological footprint. With Vileda you can count on a clean and sustainable environment.