Numatic scrubbing machine

You can order a Numatic scrubber (and suction machine) cheaply at wholesaler We sell scrubbers from the Numatic brand and the three most popular versions, namely the Numatic scrubbing machine TTB 4045, Numatic scrubber 1840 and with Numatic TGB 3045. The Numatic scrubber 1840 is very suitable for small spaces, the Numatic scrubber 4045 is very suitable for larger spaces and intensive use. Numatic stands for many years of quality and service. For example, the scrubbing machines come with a 5-year warranty, provided the answer card is completed. In addition, the Numatic scrubbers are easy to use.

Numatic scrubber user manual

The Numatic scrubber is very easy to use and we notice that most customers immediately start using their Numatic scrubbing machine. We do, however, advise our customers to register their purchased machine at wholesaler This is free and can be done by a free to send a reply card. By using this you get no less than 5 years of service on your purchased Numatic scrubber. You also get a 24 month warranty.

Curious about the further operation of the Numatic scrubbing machine, we have extensive user manuals for all machines sold on

Numatic scrubber parts

The Numatic scrubbing machine as we sell it at wholesaler is very complete. With some versions you still have to assemble the brush, but for someone who has experience with the Numatic scrubber this is not complicated. It is good to think in advance which brush you want to use for your Numatic scrubber. Each brush of the Numatic scrubber has its own special characteristics and is suitable for a different floor surface. If you have a special floor or are dealing with stubborn dirt, please contact us. We are happy to give good and free advice.

At wholesale you can also go for the loose parts of a Numatic scrubber. Are you missing a part in our range? Please feel free to send an email to [email protected]. It can probably be ordered, but this part of a Numatic scrubber is not in stock and the part is therefore not shown on the website.

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