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Katja candy

Katja candy is candy to be consciously enjoyed. Katja is constantly developing herself and making responsible sweets. What is responsible Katja candy then? Katja candy contains only natural ingredients. In addition, candy from Katja gelatin free. You can also clearly see the development of Katja sweets on the packaging. Whether it concerns the piglets, party piglets or the monkey heads: all packaging of Katja's sweets shows that they are veggie sweets. With candy from Katja, snacking is not only fun and tasty, it is also a lot more responsible. So you can snack responsibly with Katja candy.

Katja candy handout bags

Katja candy in handout bags are the perfect treat. We are eating more and more consciously and snacking responsibly is an important part of that. With Katja candy handout bags you treat yourself to candy that is responsible. This is how Katja managed to 100% natural dyes to be processed in all licorice and candies. In addition to the dyes, there are other ingredients that you will not find in Katja candy dispenser bags. This is how most Katja licorice and candies are Gluten. Only the Katja sour mats, Katja sour sticks do contain gluten. Katja monkey heads, Katja piglets, Katja yughurt gums, Katja kokindjes, Katja farm mix and Katja zoo mix are all gluten-free. Also, most of the sweets Lactose-free. Only the Katja yogurt gums contain lactose. So do you want responsible snacking and are you looking for responsible sweets for children? Then you should definitely take a look at the extensive Katja range of online candy wholesaler Our Katja handout bags are the perfect treat, promotional gift or letterbox package for those who want to snack responsibly.

candy katja

It is clear that Katja shows her social commitment with candy. For example, Katja has gluten-free sweets, lactose-free candies, vegan candies and halal sweets. But how about Katja rainbow happiness? Candy from Katja with a big shout-out to diversity and love. Of course, Katja also produces this candy completely vegan. Or veggie as they say.

Which Katja candy is your favorite? We can rightly call many Katja candy classics. For example, how about Katja monkey heads, Katja kok kids en Katja piglets. All candy from Katja that can no longer be ignored on the candy shelves. Because Katja's candy and Katja's licorice are responsible candies, you don't have to feel guilty if you take a candy. Or 2… Or 3…

Katja candy vegan

Katja has been making candy vegan for a number of years. By not using animal gelatin and only producing candies with natural ingredients, Katja is making great strides towards a complete range of responsible sweets. Only the yogurt gums are not vegan (but they are vegetarian!) because Katja has not yet found a suitable alternative for the milk. Furthermore, all Katja candy is vegan. Vegetable wax is used instead of beeswax. By betting on vegan sweets Katja also helps the climate. The emission of harmful CO2 has been reduced by 20%. With an extensive range of Katja candy vegan wears online candy wholesaler is also happy to add to this. You can easily tell whether Katja candy is vegan by the official label on the packaging.

Katja candy halal

So Katja is busy making all her candy vegan, but that doesn't mean all Katja candy is halal. In many cases Katja candy is halal, but it is always advisable to look closely at all ingredients. Katja candy may contain a number of ingredients that still make the candy haram. For example, vanilla extract can have an alcohol percentage, albeit very low. You can assume that 99% of Katja candy is halal if it is also vegan. But do you want to make sure it's halal sweets to be? Please check the ingredients list in the product description. If you're still in doubt, you can always to contact us. The team of candy wholesaler does not know everything, but is happy to answer your questions and is happy to investigate. In this way we become a little wiser each time and we can continue to improve our service.

Katja buy candy

Do you want cheap Katja candy, kids candy of scoop candy to buy? You can of course buy cheap candy online at online candy wholesaler Buying Katja candy online has never been so easy and fun. Do you order Katja candy online at before 12:00? Then it becomes the same day. In addition, orders from € 95,- between XNUMX:XNUMX and XNUMX:XNUMX. We recommend everyone who wants to buy Katja candy to create an account, but a account is not necessary. At online candy wholesaler, for example, we make buying Katja candy online almost as easy, fun and addictive as the candy itself.