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Lay's Chips

Affordable Lays Chips You can of course order online at Lay's chips are the most popular chips in the Netherlands. At online wholesaler you will find the tastiest flavors of chips from Lays. Whether you are looking for the classic Lays paprika chips or the refined flavors of Lays Sensations or Lays oven baked: you will find them for the best price at

Buy Lays chips

Ordering Lays chips from online wholesaler is not only affordable, but also super easy. Anyone can order Lays chips online, wherever you are. Thanks to our user-friendly webshop and fast delivery, you are just a few clicks away from your favorite Lays chips. Discover the convenience of ordering online and soon enjoy the delicious taste of Lays chips.

Lays Oven Baked

For those looking for a slightly healthier option, we also have Lays Oven Baked chips in our range. Oven baked chips from Lays are baked in the oven for a perfect balance between health and taste. For example, choose Lay's oven baked pepper chips. These are handy portion bags of chips in a handy display box. Ideal as a treat, for on the go or for sale in the canteen, candy machine or vending machine.

Lays Sensations

Lays Sensations are crispy chips in a number of rich flavor variants. From exotic herbs to surprising textures, Lays sensation chips taste slightly more exclusive than the original Lays chips. Discover the different variants of Lays Sensations, such as: Lays Sensations sweet chili. These are crispy chips with a sweet taste and slightly spicy aftertaste. You'll feel like you're in Asia when you taste these deliciously crispy chips.

Lays Party Mix

Our offers for festive occasions Lays Party Mix the ideal solution. An assortment of various flavors in one package, so there is something for everyone. Make every party a success with the festive flavors of Lays Party Mix. In a bag of Lays party mix you will find the most popular flavors of Lays chips: Lay's paprika 27,5 gr, Lay's natural 27,5 gr and Lay's bugles nacho cheese 30 gr.

Lays Paprika Chips

The classic among Lays chips, the Lays Paprika Chips, remains a favorite with many. Taste the perfect combination of crunchiness and the subtle spiciness of paprika. Order now and enjoy this timeless delicacy soon. You can also buy other popular flavors of Lays chips cheaply from online wholesaler What do you choose? The familiar taste of Lays natural? The strong taste of Lay's bolognese? Or is Lay's cheese onion, Lays max, Lay's Bugles of Lay's wokkels your favorite? You can find them all at

At Compliment you will not only find the chips brand Lay's, but also other types of chips such as Doritos, Croky of Pringels.