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Chupa chups

Chupa chups are the first lollipops in the world. Once invented as a sweet that you can eat with a fork, it has grown into a household name in the world of candy. Chupa means to suck, chups lollipop. Chupa chups is therefore a logical name for the lollipops as we know them today. Chupa chups lollipops are the worldwide most popular lollipops. More than 100 flavors are sold worldwide. Characteristic of the Chupa chups are the cheerful colours, special packaging and surprising flavours. Affordable Chupa chups lollipops You can of course buy from online candy wholesaler The tastiest flavors of Chupa chups, always competitively priced.

Chupa chups lollipop

With a Chupa chups lollipop you can enjoy the tastiest flavors endlessly. Which Chupa chups lollipop is your favourite? There are 20 different flavors of Chupa Chups available in the Netherlands and Belgium. There are over 100 flavors all over the world. Did you know that the packaging and logo of Chupa chups lollipops were designed by Salvador Dali? This Spanish artist came up with the first design and Chupa chups constantly reflects this style in her designs. From the first Chupa chups lollipop in 1958 to the latest flavors and products today. Thanks to these cheerful colors and special packaging, a Chupa chups lollipop emphatically distinguishes itself from other lollipops.

Chupa chups lollipops have paper/cardboard sticks. By using a paper stick instead of a plastic stick, Chupa chups lollipops can be produced more sustainably.

Lollipop Chupa Chups

A lollipop from Chupa chups is a guarantee for a tasteful party. But just like other lollipops, a Chupa chups lollipop is well packed. Reason: protection of the lollipop to keep it flavored longer. But a frustration for many who are fiddling to get the lollipop out of the beautiful Chupa chups packaging. If you finally managed to remove the packaging, you can enjoy from your lollipop from Chupa chups. So what's so special about Chupa Chups? What Makes a Lollipop Chupa Chups? As you could read, first of all the packaging. But the different flavors also make Chupa Chups lollipops so popular.

Chupa chups flavors

In the early years there were 7 Chupa Chups flavors: strawberry, orange, lemon, strawberry & cream, chocolate & vanilla, coffee & cream and mint. Some Chupa Chups flavors turned out to be a flop, others were a success. In fact, the Chupa Chups flavors strawberry and strawberry & cream are still among the worldwide best-selling flavours. Because the flavors differ worldwide, there are now more than 100 Chupa Chups flavors. In the Netherlands and Belgium there are 20 different Chupa Chups flavors available. For special flavors such as Matcha latte or Ramune you have to travel a bit. For the time being, because who knows, those flavors of Chupa chups will become so popular here that they will soon be for sale here.

Chupa chups strawberry

The real and most loved lollipop is the Chupa chups strawberry. The Chupa Chups strawberry flavored lollipop is one of the first flavors and still very popular. And that's not just, you can't get enough of the taste of strawberry. Also try the Chupa chups lollipop strawberry cream. These are Chupa Chups lollipops with the fruity taste of strawberry, mixed with the soft taste of real cream. A delicious, soft fruity version of the popular Chupa Chups strawberry flavored lollipop. Do you also want to enjoy a delicious strawberry flavored lollipop? Chupa chups strawberry lollipops let you enjoy endlessly. Do you also love other flavors of Chupa Chups? At online candy wholesaler you also buy cheap ones mix bags Chupa chups.

Chupa chups melon

Let's face it, the Chupa chups melon looks like a small watermelon, doesn't it? Your mouth is already watering, so refreshing. The Chupa chups lollipop with melon flavor is refreshingly delicious. On a hot summer day you can experience the real summer feeling best with Chupa Chups watermelon. Chupa chups lollipops give you endless pleasure. The fruity taste of Chupa Chups with watermelon flavor never gets old. Chupa chups makes lollipops like no other. This means that you can suck and lick endlessly without the lollipop losing its fruity taste. Chupa chups watermelon flavored lollipops are also included in Chuppa chups mix bags.

Chupa chups coke

Chupa chups cola are cola flavored lollipops. The taste of cola is extremely popular worldwide. With the Chupa chups lolly's cola, we succeeded in incorporating this characteristic taste into a lollipop in an excellent way. A lollipop with the taste of cola guarantees an endless taste experience. It is therefore not for nothing that the Chupa Chups cola lollipops can also be found in the Best Of Chupa Chups packaging. Just like the Chupa chups strawberry, the Chupa chups lollipops with cola flavor are one of the best-selling Chupa chups lollipops. The most popular flavor of the most popular lollipop, that has to be good, right? Of course you can always buy Chupa Chups cola lollipops cheaply at online candy wholesaler

Chupa chups bulk pack

The Chuppa chups large packaging makes life a bit easier. Because let's face it, it's sometimes difficult to choose with all the popular Chupa Chups flavors. In the Chupa chups large packs you will find the tastiest Chupa chups flavors in one bag. Discount packages of Chupa chups are not only available in bags: at we also sell Chupa chups silos like the Chupa chups silo cola and with Chupa chups silo fruit At online candy wholesaler you always buy your discount pack of Chupa chups at an affordable price. We sell the discount bags of lollipops a lot to companies, canteens, sweet shops, catering establishments, events, conferences and for children's parties. A bowl of lollipops for your customers and guests leaves a good impression. Do you want to present the Chupa chups lollipops beautifully? Then view the cheerfully colored ones Chupa chups wheel display with 200 lollipops in the most popular Chupa Chups flavours. Or the Chupa chups The Best Of silo with a lid to present the lollipops nicely. The silo contains 100 lollipops and in the lid you can beautifully present 34 of the tastiest Chupa Chups lollipops.

Chupa chups look

You can now also find the delicious taste in Chupa Chups cans. A wonderfully refreshing combination of dairy with the taste of Chupa Chup lollipops. The cans of Chupa Chups drink have a capacity of 25cl and you buy them per 12 pieces. Handy for on the road, to school or at work. Drinking chupa chups is of course best when it is chilled.

Buy chupa chups

You can buy cheap Chupa chups at online candy wholesaler We order the lollipops directly from the manufacturer. This ensures short lines and means that we can offer Chupa chups for a fixed low price. So you don't have to look for a Chupa chups offer: order them easily online at and you are assured of the tastiest Chupa chups lollipops for an affordable price. If you order your Chupa chups lollipops before 12:00, they will be delivered tomorrow. With online candy wholesale you also have no account is needed. If you want to order more often, an account is recommended. All your data is then already filled in, making it order candy even easier and faster. Orders from € 95 are additionally between XNUMX:XNUMX and XNUMX:XNUMX in the Netherlands and Belgium. This way, buying Chupa chups becomes just as much of a party as eating sweets itself.