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Lollipops from online candy wholesaler

At you will find a wide range of delicious lollipops. Whether you go for the
choose a classic lollipop or prefer a new trendy flavor. is coming
caters to everyone's preferences and at an affordable price.

Chupa Chups lollipops

Which Chupa Chups lollipop do you prefer? In the early years there were 7 Chupa Chups
flavors available: strawberry, orange, lemon, strawberry & cream, chocolate & vanilla,
coffee & cream and mint. Some flavors of Chupa Chups lollipops did not perform well
the market, while others were well received. The most sold worldwide
Chupa Chups lollipops still taste strawberry and strawberry & cream. These flavors are
available at as The Best of Chupa Chups in combination with the three others
most loved flavors: cherry, cola and apple.
Due to the different taste preferences worldwide, there are more than a hundred of them today
various Chupa Chups flavor combinations available. Being in the Netherlands and Belgium
currently 20 different lollipop flavors Chupa Chups available. For special flavors
like Matcha Latte or Ramune, you may have to travel a little further. But who knows
These taste so popular here that they will soon be available locally.

Buy lollipops

Buying lollipops has never been easier! At we make it easier online
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Treating lollipops

Be it birthday parties or other festive occasions, lollipops are the
ideal treat and delicacy to surprise others. Explore new ways to make lollipops
treat and turn every occasion into a sweet celebration. At you will find a spacious
range of lollipops to put an unforgettable treat on the table.

Blue lollipops

Add a colorful accent to your candy stash with our blue lollipops. Blue
lollipops bring a playful and lively atmosphere. Ideal for theme parties,
events, or simply as a delicious snack for yourself. Take the Two for example
to One Twister lollipops that, in addition to the blue lollipops in wildberry flavor, also have other tasty ones
contain fruit flavors and also look festive. Also the Mac Bubble Painter Lollies
give your tongue a cool blue color. Explore the rest of our range of blue lollipops at

100 lollipops

Take advantage of our competitive offers and enrich your stock with 100 lollipops
an affordable price. Take for example The best of Chupa Chups or 100 lollipops from the Mac
Bubble lollipops in the flavors: strawberry, cola and cherry. makes obtaining
100 lollipops both affordable and effortless, so you can benefit from a comprehensive
selection without straining your budget.

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