Salty liquorice


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Salty liquorice

Salty liquorice

Salty liquorice is characterized by the typical taste of sal ammoniac. These licorice are typical Dutch sweets, and unique in taste. At you will find an extensive selection of the tastiest salty licorice varieties. Whether you like the intense taste of double salty licorice, the softness of soft salty licorice, or the crunch of hard salty licorice, you will find it all at online candy wholesaler

Salty liquorice is a true classic among Dutch sweets. The unique salty taste, combined with the sweet taste of licorice makes this an irresistible treat for lovers of savory and sweet flavors. The licorice gets its salty taste from the sal ammoniac. This sal ammoniac is also found in sweet licorice, but with the latter extra sugar is added to get a sweet taste.

Double Salty Licorice

For those who like to take things up a notch, we have double salty licorice in our catalogue. This variant offers a more intense salty taste and is loved by true licorice lovers. Is double salty licorice not salty enough? Then try the Meenk triple salt.

Soft salty licorice

For those who prefer a more soft and chewy licorice, we have a selection of soft salty licorice. This licorice is wonderfully soft and almost melts in your mouth. The sweet/salty taste of the salty licorice immediately spreads throughout your mouth and provides a wonderful taste experience. The only disadvantage of soft salty liquorice is that it is so difficult to stop.

Hard salty licorice

Would you rather have a candy in your mouth for a little longer? Then our hard salty licorice something for you. It offers the perfect combination of sweet and salty and is ideal for long sucking. This way you can enjoy the delicious taste of sal ammoniac and salty licorice for even longer. Ideal for on the road, at the office or in front of the TV on the couch. Do you have no idea which salty liquorice is the tastiest? Then try the salty licorice from Clapper & Clapper, Kindly's, Haribo or of course the Heksehyl van Toms.

Buy licorice online at customers appreciate our extensive range of liquorice and excellent customer service. Moreover, we offer competitive prices and fast delivery, so you can enjoy your favorite liquorice quickly. Whether you choose soft salty liquorice or harder liquorice, is the online liquorice webshop. Order today and experience our salty licorice collection for yourself. Are you looking for other types of licorice? In addition to salty liquorice, we also sell sweet liquorice, English liquorice en sugar-free licorice. Take a look at our extensive licorice In addition to licorice, we also sell other types at online candy wholesaler Check out all our candy.