Unger Wiper Rubber Hard (45cm)

Brand: Unger

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The Unger wiper rubber hard is a professional and durable window wiper with a length of 45 cm, which is designed for streak-free and efficient cleaning of windows and other smooth surfaces. The rubber of the wiper is of high quality and hardness, making it suitable for cleaning stubborn dirt and stains on glass and other smooth surfaces. The Unger wiper rubber hard is very easy to use and fits most standard wiper handles. For example the Unger wiper handle in combination with the Unger s rail. Thanks to the excellent quality of the rubber, the wiper lasts a long time and delivers a streak-free clean result every time. Whether you are a professional cleaner or just want to clean your own windows at home, the Unger wiper rubber hard is an excellent choice for effortless and effective cleaning of all smooth surfaces.
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