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Instant coffee

With instant coffee you always have a nice cup of coffee within reach. On the road, at the campsite or just at home. All you need is hot water (and a cup). Instant coffee does not need to be cooled, does not spoil and can also be prepared quickly. At Compliment you will find different types of instant coffee, instant coffee or freeze-dried coffee. Moreover, you can order coffee from us in large quantities at very affordable prices. View our range of instant coffee and easily place your order!

What is instant coffee made of?

Instant coffee is made from ground coffee beans that have been processed into a powder or granules. This powder or granules are then dissolved in hot water to make coffee. Instant coffee is an easy and quick way to make coffee and is popular in both homes and offices. It can be made from different types of coffee beans, such as arabica or robusta, depending on the flavor you prefer.

Douwe Egberts instant coffee

With Douwe Egberts instant coffee you have prepared a nice cup of coffee in no time with the familiar taste of Douwe Egberts. All you have to do is add hot water. At online coffee wholesaler Compliment we sell Douwe Egberts instant coffee in different varieties. We have the Douwe Egberts cappuccino sticks. Prefer a regular cup of instant coffee? Then choose the Douwe Egberts instant coffee aroma red in a nice jar. And if you prefer decaffeinated instant coffee of course you choose to drink Douwe Egberts decaff coffee sticks. All the trusted quality of Douwe Egberts coffee, but prepared even easier and faster.

What is the best instant coffee?

We often get asked what the best instant coffee is. Because this is mainly one matter of taste this cannot be indicated directly. At Compliment we also sell instant coffee from well-known brands such as Douwe Egberts Cafe Auberge en Mastery. These brands are cheaper than, for example, Douwe Egberts instant coffee, but of excellent quality. Do you have good suggestions about what the best instant coffee is and which we should definitely include in our range? take contact Contact us and maybe you will soon find your favorite instant coffee in our range.

Instant coffee in sachets

The big advantage of sachets of instant coffee is that they contain just the right amount of instant coffee for a great cup of coffee. Take for example Douwe Egberts pure gold. These sachets of instant coffee come in a beautiful dispenser box that you can present in the canteen, waiting room or reception. With Douwe Egberts instant coffee sachets you can quickly serve a delicious cup of coffee to your customers, guests and colleagues. The dispenser contains 200 sticks of instant coffee. All you have to do is empty the sachet into a cup, add 125 ml of water and enjoy the smell and taste of the delicious Douwe Egberts coffee.

Is instant coffee the same as instant coffee?

Instant coffee is a form of instant coffee and therefore corresponds to each other. Between the types of instant coffee out there, the difference is often in the procedure of making the coffee. For example, one type of instant coffee is cooled and moisture is removed, while other types of instant coffee are ground and roasted.

Buy instant coffee

Are you looking for an instant coffee offer? That is not necessary at all. Economical buy instant coffee you can do it easily at online coffee wholesaler Compliment. Order your instant coffee online before 12:00 and we will ship it the same day. This way you will have your instant coffee sent today! You will only find the best instant coffee for a competitive price at online coffee wholesaler Compliment. Curious what else we have? Take a look around us coffee assortment for even more top quality coffee.

Order coffee online

Make every coffee experience complete with products from coffee wholesale Compliment! Our extensive selection of products includes not only instant coffee, but also freshly roasted coffee beans and delicious treats like coffee biscuits that will certainly leave a positive experience with colleagues, guests, customers or relations. Whatever you're looking for - the perfect accompaniment to a great cup of coffee has never been easier to find! Simply place your order online and benefit from one smooth delivery.