Candy from the Past


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Candy from the Past

You can order candy from the past online at wholesaler We sell old-fashioned sweets for canteens, sweet shops, fairs, and events. But even as a private individual, you will find everything you are looking for at
Candy from the past brings back sweet memories. Many sweets from the past are still popular, sweets such as the sour mats from Katja, the foam blocks from Kindly's and of course the fruity sweets from Fruittella.

Enjoy a journey into the past by ordering sweets from the past at Ordering these nostalgic treats is almost as enjoyable as eating them. At online candy wholesaler we like to make ordering candy easy for you. With us no account is needed and you can choose different payment methods. Whether you are a business customer or a private individual, is your online candy store for every occasion.

Candy from the 60s

The 60s was a time of cultural change and experimentation. These trends were reflected in the world of sweets. As an example, licorice, the licorice plant was very popular with children, for example, you had to chew a lot to taste the sweetener. Because the licorice plant was highly appreciated by children, the candy industry took over this market with much easier to consume products. There were several popular sweets in the 60s, and we still know many of these sweets. As an example Winegums, Kokindjes and of course licorice Kindly's.

Lollipop from the past

In the 60s there were several popular candies typical of that era. During the 60s, lollipops became very popular. These colorful and flavorful candies brought smiles to the faces of children and adults alike and quickly became a signature part of the pop culture of the time. We still know many of these sweets. Who doesn't know Chupa Cups Although lollipops were introduced in the 50s, they only became popular worldwide in the 60s.

Candy from the 70s

The 70s were a time of colorful and playful sweets, sweets as we still know them today Jelly Beans,
The candies have a diameter of 1 cm and consist of a colored sugar layer with a gel-like center. Jelly Beans were created in 1976 by Herman Rowland, who got the idea after tasting different flavors of candies in an American grocery store. In addition to the Jelly Beans, there are of course more iconic sweets from the 70s that still bring back warm memories. Ring Pops and of course Pez the colorful candy dispensers. These colorful candies are still very popular and you can easily  order without an account Order from online candy wholesaler

Old Dutch candy

Old Dutch candy is a tangible expression of the rich history and culture of the Netherlands. As we are originally from the Netherlands, we still know many of these traditional Dutch sweets, and they are still very popular. You can think of old Dutch candy such as Hopjes, butter waffles, cinnamon kussentjes and the real Dutch peppermint balls.

Wilhelmina peppermint

If you think of old Dutch sweets then the Wilhelmina peppermint definitely not to be missed! The Wilhelmina peppermint, a beloved delicacy in the Netherlands with a history dating back to 1892. When you open a roll, a sliding box or a tin, you are welcomed with the image of Princess Wilhelmina. The Wilhelmina peppermint was lovingly developed in 1892 by Fortuin was a tribute to the princess who turned 12 that year.